Lapstreet Certified

A refurbished laptop that has gone through the entire Lapsstreet inspection process is labeled Lapsstreet-certified. During this check, both the software and the hardware are checked. In this way we know for sure that the refurbished laptop functions properly. We also offer you our extra Lapsstreet service.

100% technically OK
An Lapsstreet-certified device always goes through the entire Lapsstreet inspection.
This means that the computer/laptop has been tested for the following:

We test all software and hardware on at least 4 different moments.
We check all products on more than 50 points.
The computer/laptop is checked for dust and traces of moisture.
The battery is checked (and, if necessary, replaced) and we also update the software.
We supply every computer/laptop with a clean windows installation.
Our additional service
Whatever refurbished computer/laptop you buy from Lapsstreet , your computer/laptop will always work 100% properly. We also offer you additional services, including:

You get 1 year warranty on your refurbished computer/laptop.
We supply the charging accessories.
You also get a trial period of 14 days for your computer/laptop. If you exchange your device within this period, you will receive your purchase amount back
We can also install the computer/laptop in our Lapsstreet Store. We can immediately transfer the data from your old computer/laptop to the new one.
If you have any questions about our computers/laptops, you are always welcome at our Lapsstreet Store in Dublin.

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