Payment Methods

We currently offer eight payment options. Check them out below:

iDEAL is the most used payment method in the Netherlands. You can use iDEAL if you are affiliated with one of these banks: ABN Amro, ASN Bank, ING, Rabobank, SNS Bank, RegioBank, Triodos Bank, Van Lanschot Bankiers, Knab, bunq, Moneyou, Handelsbanken

Reasons to choose iDEAL:
iDEAL is payment via internet banking, so it is trusted and safe.
Your payment will be received immediately. The order can be processed immediately.
Do you use iDEAL? Then you pay no extra costs.

Bank transfer
You can also choose to transfer the order amount to the bank account of Asbas Computers B.V. When you choose this option, you will receive the invoice in your e-mail, mention the order number in the description. Keep in mind that processing the order takes one to 5 working days extra.

Reasons to choose bank transfer:
Bank transfer is safe. You pay via your own internet banking.
Do you opt for bank transfer? Then you pay no extra costs.

PayPal is an increasingly popular way to pay online. With PayPal you can easily pay online with an account, without revealing your financial details.

Reasons to choose PayPal:
With PayPal, your financial information is not shared with others.
Your payment will be received immediately. The order can be processed immediately.
Payment is fast and easy. For Paypal, a 4% fee will be charged.

Placing an order quickly has never been so easy. With Afterpay you order, you receive the order and you have 14 days to pay. Unfortunately, you may not be eligible for Afterpay. Unfortunately, Asbas Computers cannot do anything about this.

Reasons to choose Afterpay:
Carefree online shopping
You do not have to pay for the order immediately
For Afterpay, 3.6% costs will be charged.

Mister Cash
Mister Cash guarantees a safe and reliable online payment method. It is a very convenient and safe online payment method for cardholders of these Belgian cards. The payment is developed via the payment page of the online bank. This guarantees that it is completely safe and trustworthy. The online banks have very strict security systems that make it possible online. The data is encrypted via SSL servers and can therefore not be intercepted by fraudsters or other malicious parties. In contrast to paying with a credit card, a login and password from your online bank is also required. This makes Mister Cash extra safe and reliable. So you can make an online payment with Mistercash without any worries.

Reasons to choose Bancontant:
Your payment will be received immediately. The order can be processed immediately.
Payment is fast and easy.

Paying with a Visa credit card is extra safe thanks to ICS’ 24/7 fraud prevention. Virtually all your purchases are insured for at least 180 days against loss, theft and damage via Visa.

Pay safely and quickly via Mastercard. Purchases via Mastercard are insured for a minimum of 180 days against loss, theft and damage via Mastercard.

Sofort banking
This is a widely used online payment method in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The system works according to the PIN/TAN method. With the secure transfer form, automatically establishes a connection with your online bank. The payment will then be sent immediately. In this way, online shopping becomes fast and safe.

In3 ‘Pay in 3 installments’

Have you seen a nice product on our website, but a large expense is not right for you? Then you can also choose to pay in 3 installments with the payment method In3. This is the only payment method where you can pay in installments, but where you do not get a BKR registration and do not have to pay interest.

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